Investment Management

Investment Management

Your investment objective is based on factors such as time horizon, financial goals and risk tolerance, our experienced investment officers will help you to determine the right portfolio mix from a wide variety of investment options to reach your particular goals, whether it is buying a house or planning for retirement.

Investment Portfolio Management Services

Providing our clients with a sophisticated range of services for easy execution of transactions, comprehensive portfolio administration and transparent reporting for financial securities and commodities

Key Features:

  • Access to the global stock market via our trusted partners
  • Account consolidation
  • Manage assets on behalf of client; providing advice on hedging and investment strategies
  • Wide range of products and services in the money market, equity market, fixed income market, derivative market and other financial options, such as
  • Mutual Funds
  • Endeavouring to achieve best prices for execution

Security Based Lending

Allowing our clients to borrow using eligible securities as collateral, giving access to liquidity without disruption of the investment portfolio or other loan obligations.

Key Features:

  • Access to cash immediately
  • Negotiable rates
  • Ability to borrow on eligible assets based on the amount of collateral held


A means of diversifying your investment portfolio. Protect your wealth against inflation, currency uncertainties and financial crises.

Key Features:

  • Diversify from traditional investment options
  • Provides alternate routes of safety for wealth purposes
  • Access to agricultural products, precious metals, and commodity tracked indices
  • Stored safely and fully insured in a licensed depository


A must have in a truly diversified portfolio. The Foreign Exchange is attractive for its market’s liquidity, transparency and inverse relationship to other markets.

Key Features:

  • Better forex spreads
  • Access to more CCYs other than the 4 major CCY pairs offered by GBC
  • Spot contracts, Forward contracts, Options and other structured products available


Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are a new means of investment in the Caribbean Region which will be subject to Eastern Caribbean Securities Regulatory Commission (ECSRC) regulations. Developers can benefit from REITs with easier access to relatively lower cost capital, allowing them to develop institutional grade real estate. By selling stabilised assets to REITs, property developers can unlock capital that can be more effectively deployed in new development projects.

Investors can also benefit from REITs, with a potential to acquire a total return on investments receiving both the capital appreciation and yield. Historically, they have provided strong dividends plus the potential for moderate, long-term capital appreciation. Additionally, REITs have offered investors liquidity, portfolio diversification and strong corporate governance.

  • Premier service in Antigua
  • Low cost exposure to the real estate market
  • Secure
  • Capital gain and long term growth
  • Strong dividends

Not sure what to choose? Try filling out our interactive GBC Investor Profile Questionnaire to see what options may be best for you. For more information on how Global bank of Commerce can help you to fulfill your investment goals, contact one of our Investment Officers.