Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking

GBC’s corporate banking services strive to meet the needs of domestic investment opportunities and global businesses needing unique services. With our multi-currency accounts and wire transfer services, it’s never been easier to do business across all boundaries.

Operating Account

Making it easy for you to do your business globally, whether you have an investment in Antigua or your business spans several countries. You can trust that your business’s operations will continue seamlessly no matter where you are in the world.

Minimum opening balance: $5,000
Monthly service fee: $10
Non-interest bearing
Statements: Via internet banking. Mailing upon request at $20
Best for: Business operations

Key Features:

  • Multi-currency accounts
  • Safe and secure wire transfers
  • Secure online banking and personable customer service

Wire Transfer

In an ever changing and volatile financial climate, we work hard to maintain strong and trustworthy banking relationships to continue to serve you, our clients, as efficiently as possible. We pride ourselves in being the preferred bank in Antigua to deliver international financial services in USD, EUR, GBP and CAD. For our current banking details please contact us.

Key Features:

  • Available in USD, CAD, EUR and GBP
  • Safe and secure
  • Enhanced due diligence applied

UPI Prepaid Corporate Debit Card

Your ideal choice to access your GBC funds when you travel abroad, or purchase online from anywhere in the world. Enjoy peace of mind with a stored value to access your funds via the card that is disconnected from your bank account and has chip and PIN-enhanced security. Available in USD and, soon, can be requested in other international currencies.

Key Features:

  • Secure, pre-loaded from your GBC accounts
  • Access to your cash in local currency
  • Over 170 countries at UnionPay network ATMs
  • Millions of points-of-sale and global merchants online and offline via the
  • UnionPay payments scheme
  • Unrivalled acceptance network in China.